go Clifford go!

The third day of our journey had us travelling into Nebraska. This is a state we have traveled through many a time, but as it is so close to Colorado, we had never really taken the time to do a any discovery. This time was going to be different – when you travel in Clifford, every day is full of discovery…  
After spending much of our time on interstates, ducking vehicles traveling 20+ miles per hour faster than us, we decided to hop on to the historic highway 30, which runs parallel to I80, beside the Union Pacific Railroad. This highway, called the Lincoln Highway, is historically significant due to it being the first transcontinental highway to be built. Through Nebraska it was scenic and oozed history. 

We stopped in Gothenburg (not Sweden) to visit an original Pony Express station from 1854. I’m always amazed by how recent white man’s “history” really is in parts on North America. But I won’t digress…

We spent our third night of this journey at Lake Ogalalla Recreation area, where we had an absolutely beautiful campsite by the lake, allowing Bruno ample swim time before it was time to settle in for some rest. 

The morning departure of our fourth “travel” day was fairly smooth, and we rolled out towards Colorado at 9am. 

Clifford had developed a slight leak in his propane system, and we wanted someone to have a look at it. We thus decided to detour by the good folks at Rocky Mountain Westy in Fort Collins for a diagnosis.  

To get to Fort Collins, our Garmin recommended we continue on I80 all the way to Cheyenne, Wyoming and then south to Fort Collins. Without putting much more thought into the route, we pointed our nose towards Cheyenne. 

We discovered something interesting about our chosen route as we pressed west. The last bit of I80W through Nebraska climbs. And climbs. To add to the joy, much road construction means single lanes, but with reduced speed limits of 65mph. Wait, we can go 65mph on a flat road at sea level quite comfortably, but at 5000 feet of elevation, headwind and climbing, out speed was reduced to as low as 35mph at times. With a single lane on the interstate, this quickly formed some looking queues behind us. 

We made a quick decision to get the heck off I80 and take some back roads to Fort Collins. Awesome grassland prairie views, rolling gravel roads and not another vehicle to be seen anywhere. Absolutely epic. 
We finally arrived at Rocky Mountain Westy around 2pm, hot and a little beaten up from the nasty washboard gravel we had endured for the last 45 minutes or so of our gravel journey. Clifford headed into the shop for his spa treatment, comfortable amongst his cousins while Robin, Bruno and I relaxed in the customer waiting area, comforted by air conditioning and free wifi. 

The journey continues!

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