San Isabel National Forest

After restocking on groceries and beer, we departed Frisco for our next stop – Collegiate Campground in San Isabel National Forest, just outside of Buena Vista. Our route took us through Breckenridge and Alma up over Hoosier Pass (elev. 11,539 feet). The climb up to the top was steep and littered with a few switchbacks. This was the first the climb Clifford needed to revert to 1st gear at times. Needless to say, the four way flashers were busy.  

 Once we arrived in Buena Vista, we chose to pass through town and head for our campsite in order to get Bruno and us some quality hiking time.  

 Once set up, we headed out for some hiking, swimming and frisbee throwing.  

 During our stay at Collegiate Peaks, the weather was mostly fantastic, but a short but intense rain storm forced us indoors for one meal.  

 This was also the first time during our trip that Robin and I had a chance to ride our bikes. This is apparently significant as there is some sort of a race coming up soon.  

 The two days’ stay went quickly, and in addition to hiking, playing and a little riding, we all enjoyed some good relax time.  The days were warm, but the nights were cold, with morning temperatures just above freezing. It was apparent Bruno was getting cool by morning, as he wanted to climb into bed with Robon and me. Sadly, Clifford’s downstairs bed is barely big enough to accommodate two people, let alone two people and a dog. Thus, it was democratically decided that I should sleep upstairs to allow Bruno access to the warm bed downstairs.    

 On Sunday, it was time to pack up camp and point Clifford towards Leadville. Before making that short but scenic drive, we stopped in Buena Vista to pick up some food for Bruno and a sleeping bag for me.  

  Next time – Leadville!


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