Ontario. Big.

We left home three days ago. Granted, our road tripping in Clifford does not include 1000km+ days, but still, it took us nearly three days to make our way to Manitoba.

The bulk of these three days followed the same three-stage format.

  1. Stage 1:Wake up. Eat, prepare Clifford for the trip, walk Bruno. Drive off.
  2. Stage 2: Drive, re-fuel regularly, stop for a few Bruno play-breaks.
  3. Stage 3: Park for the night, set up Clifford, have beer, walk Bruno, eat and go to sleep.

As we get further into our journey, we plan to have less driving and better yet, days of actually not driving. However, the Arctic isn’t coming to us, so we must go to the Arctic.

We spent our first night of the trip at a KOA in Sault Ste. Marie, which I think is the camping equivalent of Holiday Inn Express. No fuss, low expectations, no surprises. No pictures.

Our second night was just outside of Thunder Bay, at Sleeping Giant Provincial Park. We love this place. One night seemed really short for a visit, but we have places to go.

At least Bruno got a few good swims in before it was time to hit the road again.

Day three of driving took us from Thunder Bay toward Kenora and then to Manitoba. I had not driven through here in nearly thirty years (yikes), and it didn’t seem as remote as it once was. The scenery, however, was just as beautiful as I remembered.

We found a beautiful river waterfall for a lunch stop so Bruno could play in the water and cool down.

We crossed the border from Ontario to Manitoba bear the end of our day and settled down for the night at Falcon Lake Provincial Park.

Tomorrow we continue our adventure across the Canadian Prairies. Also, I continue to think of solutions to a noisy CV joint. Oh yeah,#vanlife, it’s not all fancy photos and yoga in the beach. I might have to get my hands dirty…

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